Here at Delta9Boys, we strive to deliver a top-of-the-line hemp product that is unrivaled by other producers. All of our products are made with premium ingredients and absolutely no added chemicals. This is made possible by our patented Nano-Infusion technology which was specially engineered to maintain the original flavor, appearance, texture, and structure of the materials used. Because of our amazing process, we were able to create the first truly organic delta-8 hemp product in the entire industry and have since moved on to apply our technological advancements to all of the cannabinoids under the spectrum.

After being introduced to the norms of delta-8 production, our founders were not impressed. They saw a market riddled with chemicals, and misleading labels and decided that it was time to do things differently; to do them right. They started by changing the entire method in which delta-8 herb was derived. Before our Nano-Infusion technology, producers would have to take loose hemp flower and spray it down with a mixture of distillates, solvents, and other harmful additives, essentially coating the surface of the buds. This process diminishes their beautiful green color and speeds up the decay of the hemp plant. It also results in overly sticky flower that loses its quality of effect and flavor.

We start the process with beautiful, light green, hand-trimmed indoor-grown hemp to give the product a premium look and taste as well as a greater baseline of potency. Then, using zero chemicals, our Nano-Infusion technology allows us to break down our distillates into a gas of particles that are only 1 micron wide. (That's an eighty-eighth the width of a single strand of hair!) At this size, the molecules are able to fully penetrate the leaves of the hemp and infuse the entirety of the bud. This effectively multiplies the bioavailability of the molecule within the plant, enabling it to produce a far greater effect using far less material. The finished product achieves these amazing results while staying fresh, dense, flavorful, and light green in color. See the final product for yourself:




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